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Completed Projects & Case Studies

Social Media Program Launch - Pharmaceuticals / Medical Device

See how Goldenfire Productions developed a social media plan for a pharmaceutical company. Goldenfire Productions developed a cohesive strategy, designed custom placement channels, wrote content, and managed the project through medical, regulatory &, legal review to launch on time and under budget. After launch, the project was followed with our analytics services and the client saw increased interactions with new and existing patients.  

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CRM Communication Streams - Pharmaceuticals / Medical Device

Goldenfire Productions developed and launched a complete patient generating CRM stream for a pharmaceutical product launch with the goals of introducing a new product, educating at risk patients about a lesser-known disease state, and converting patients who sufferers from the condition to patients with a solution prescribed. Goldenfire designed a fully automated CRM plan with multiple content streams to address each patient individually.   

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ROI, Analytics & Reporting - Pharmaceuticals / Medical Device

Goldenfire Productions under a consulting agreement vastly improved the campaign reporting of a major pharmaceutical campaign. The client finally had answers to which marketing tactics had the best return on investment, and the information on hand to instantly optimize the campaign to take advantage of new learning’s.

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