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Consulting Resources

If you are in need of a full –service consultant to assist in managing your online campaigns, delivering results and providing reports for each aspect of the campaign, we have you covered. We provide sound marketing advice and technical reviews of your marketing campaigns to run the most efficient campaigns possible.

Goldenfire Productions will be able to work with you to develop consumer or professional level marketing campaigns that incorporate CRM, Advertising, Web Site Management, Analytics, and reporting. We can handle the details while you focus on the more immediate needs of running your business or brand.

With over 8 years experience consulting for large pharmaceutical companies, Goldenfire productions can assist in all aspects of lead generation, script conversion, social, compliance and adherence programs for pharmaceutical brands, maintaining strict DDMAC compliance.

Small businesses benefit from our large pharmaceutical marketing experience, as we are able to cut down on test and pilot campaigns and costs reaching your ROI model faster.