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Twitter Games

With Twitter exceptional growth, 1,382% year-over-year growth in February 2009, has not only been for those looking to detail their days. A few ambitious folks have developed games for Twitter.  Twivia (@playtwivia) Twivia will ask a trivia question and the first person to @reply the answer gets points, specified in every Tweet. The answer is tweeted to […]

How Email Opens Are Tracked and Reported

Recently as more and more email readers disable image downloading unless the user clicks to allow the images in your email message to be downloaded, open rates are under scrutiny again. The largest problem for email marketers and software developers of email applications is the lack of industry standards for email metrics.  How open rates […]

Tracking phone calls in your web analytics

One of the great challenges with any full rounded marketing campaign is how to track phone conversations. How about when customers call your phone number from visititing your website or online advertising? How do you adequitly track these conversations and user paths? Trackable phone numbers is the answer.  This normally requires an organization to purchase […]

What are your analytic key metrics?

What is the difference between “Visits”, “Visitors”, “Unique Visitors” or even “Sessions”? Which term or terms does your analytics platform use? I said terms because you may find that a platform uses one or more of these terms in their reports. The big take away is you need to check with your analytics platform vendor […]

Who’s stats can you trust?

It’s no secret how bad most of the analytics firms are at gathering statistically relevant data about Internet traffic. All of them, Quantcast, Comscore, Hitwise, Compete, Alexa, etc., are flawed in various ways and to various degrees. Recently we were questioning Comscore for their reporting on social media traffic.  But today’s Hitwise showed just how bad their data […]

Cookies and analytics

Following yesterdays post about javascript tagging versus weblog tracking, the most common hesitation i hear from those using web log files, is “what about cookies?” While javascript tagging uses cookies the question becomes, what about users that do not have cookies enabled or those that clear cookies.  Normally I counter with statistics about the number […]

Web Analytics: Web Logs vs. JavaScript

With so many analytic tools out in the marketplace, some free, some low cost, and other expensive, organizations are left to ask which tools are right for the organization.  If your IT department makes that choice and is the sole voice in that choice, you as marketers are already at a disadvantage. When selecting a […]

Comparative table of font sizes in web design

Looking to find how fonts sizing compares between pixels, points, ems, and percents? Here is a handy conversion chart. The comparative table for webdesigner Comparative Table of Points, Pixels, Ems and Percent Points Pixels EMS Percent 6pt 8px 0.5em 50% 7pt 9px 0.55em 55% 7.5pt 10px 0.625em 62.5% 8pt 11px 0.7em 70% 9pt 12px 0.75em […]

Top publishers introducing larger ad units

Adweek reports that we will soon start seeing larger ad units appear on sites that belong to the Online Publishers Association. Site like the The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, ESPN and a dozen more will test the new ad units.  The three new sizes are: A fixed panel, 336-by-860-pixel banner that is wider […]

Pay Per Click Alternatives

Is google adwords not delivering enough traffic or conversions for you? It may be time for you to look to alternative pay per click text ad content networks to supplement your spend on google. 5 Alternatives to Google Adwords and Yahoo text ads. Marchex Adhere Marchecx is a newer player in the market place but […]