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Linking Guidelines

  Most recently I was reviewing a design concept along with a site wire frame and came up against one of the top mistakes made by companies and agencies trying to be different  on the web. Changing the link cue information.  Normally when you think of links on a web site, they consist of some […]

Change what Google says about you

Ever Google yourself? How about someone else? Well now you can control what Google might say about you. As for the rest of the web, you will have to hope for good karma.  Starting today if you type “me” into the google search bar, you will find a link to create your own profile on […]

Regulations may be coming for paid social media advertising from the FTC

Last week the U.S. Food and Drug Administration wagged its finger at more than a dozen pharmaceutical companies over their use of paid search advertising. In one day, the agency sent an unheard-of 14 warning letters to pharmaceutical companies regarding their use of search ads on behalf of more than 40 drugs. The list of […]

Webby nominees announced

It’s that time of year, and the long list of nominees for a 2009 Webby Award has been released. (13) and (12) come out with the most nominations.

Myspace wants you back

It has not been a secret that Facebook has taken the social media spot light and is currently sharing it with Twitter.  Myspace with a host of other early social media sites are searching to re-gain their former users to keep the investment money coming in.  With slumping ad revenues and large bills to run […]

Google’s Rankings Algorithm Over Time

  Rand Fishkin at has come up with the following chart to show how the Google’s ranking system has changed over the years.    Read the full post at:

More trouble for Microsoft Silverlight

Trouble first started with the 2008 Sumer Olympics for Microsoft Silverlight, The MS alternative to Adobe Flash. NBC choose Microsoft Silverlight to transmit it’s tv coverage of the Olympic games to the web, at the time, leaving older apple and linux users without a player to view the video streams, and countless headaches for  windows […]

How were your Q1 email rates?

  The first quarter of 2009 has ended and we are already moving strong into Q2, but have you looked back at your email campaigns? How were the Q1 email open rates? Unique clicks? Conversions? Have you looked at your metrics to see how your year has started? How you compare to last year?  If […]

Twitter Traffic Explodes…And Not Being Driven by the Usual Suspects!

Comscore reports    Twitter seems to be just about everywhere these days, infiltrating pop culture and challenging traditional communication channels as people answer the simple Twitter question, “What are you doing?” Many people have hopped on the Twitter bandwagon – from businesses to celebrities to professional sports players to President Obama. Over the past several months, we at comScore have watched how […]

Flash Facebook API

With the Adobe Flash Facebook Integration API your flash applications can now interact with Facebook. From Adobe: Deliver rich, social experiences on the web The Adobe Flash Platform and Facebook Platform provide the ideal solution for building rich, social experiences on the web. Flash is available on more than 98% of Internet-connected PCs, so people […]