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More trouble for Microsoft Silverlight

Trouble first started with the 2008 Sumer Olympics for Microsoft Silverlight, The MS alternative to Adobe Flash. NBC choose Microsoft Silverlight to transmit it’s tv coverage of the Olympic games to the web, at the time, leaving older apple and linux users without a player to view the video streams, and countless headaches for  windows users who had to download and install the Silverlight player for the first time. 

By the 2008 NFL season NBC jumped ship and switched back to Adobe flash for video streaming citing the stat 98% of internet-connected computers have flash.

Now Major League Baseball is making the same move, leaving Silverlight for Flash. After one year of using Silverlight, MLB switched back to Flash due to problems plaguing Microsoft’s player. Saturation of the Flash player along with some major glitches that happen at last years opening games, made cause for the switch. 

Silverlight still provides coverage for NBA, NCAA events though CBS College Sports, and provides streaming for Blockbuster’s MovieLink and Netflix’ Instant Watch. Video services such as Hulu, ABC video player, Youtube, Vimeo, and countless other embrace flash technology for their online video players.