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Myspace wants you back

It has not been a secret that Facebook has taken the social media spot light and is currently sharing it with Twitter.  Myspace with a host of other early social media sites are searching to re-gain their former users to keep the investment money coming in.  With slumping ad revenues and large bills to run these companies, on can only wonder how some of these social media platforms can make it out of this recession. 

Myspace has launched a Welcome Back campaign recently to get users to increase usage. It seems emails are being sent to users who have recently logged in to Myspace, after not logging in for a period of time myspace has deemed too long. 

The email (Screenshot below) is a simple 3 action email promoting some of the new features to the service. 

1. Promote the streaming music services

2. Find and add friends via your webmail address books

3. Friend finder (similar to linkedin or facebooks people you may know)

myspace welcome back email

myspace welcome back email

Will this increase usage or will people leave myspace for the same reasons they did before?