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Change what Google says about you

Ever Google yourself? How about someone else? Well now you can control what Google might say about you. As for the rest of the web, you will have to hope for good karma. 

Starting today if you type “me” into the google search bar, you will find a link to create your own profile on Google. 


Once you get into the process you will fill in some semi personal information about your self. Places you lived, worked, attended school, along with other personal traits which people looking for you might know are asked. You then are allowed to ad in some links to your picassa album, linkedin profile, personal homepage, blog, whatever. 

Here is what my google profile looks like to users:


Google Profile for Jaystein

Google Profile for Jaystein

One is left to ask, “does Google need this information, and what about one’s privacy and security?” 

As with anything on the web, post at your own risk, but having another way to get your website, business, or blog indexed by Google may not be a bad idea.

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