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4 Reasons Paid SEM should be a part of your marketing campaign

Search engine marketing isn’t new but is one of the most cost effective way to find new visitors and customers to your site. ¬†Below are 4 reasons why you should look at running a paid search campaign for your web site.

The Web is User Driven

Internet users are proactively seeking products and services on the web at a time when they are closer to a purchase. Will your company appear in their search results when they search on anything other than your business name? Search engine marketing is an easy and effective way to reach your customers at the time they are searching your businesses products or services before they make a purchase decision with your competitor.

Paid Search is Measurable

It would be hard to find a more measurable marketing effort out there today. Paid search marketing allows you to directly correlate your cost per click to sales. As every showing of your ad and click provides valuable answers to your performance questions you will gain immense insight into your customers and their buying cycle. Find out What keywords lead users to your Website? What ads interest potential customers? How many visitors from those clicks become sales leads?

Paid Search is Cost Effective

Paid search works differently from most advertising models where you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Your business will still show in results and gain branding, but you only pay when a search visitors clicks on your advertisements. There is no minimum, and you can control your monthly costs.


Due to the measurable results of search engine marketing, keywords and ad messages can constantly be tested and improved. The most successful words and messages can be included in your other marketing tools and programs such as marketing materials, your Website and direct marketing. Not sure which message will work better for a new ad campaign, paid search give almost instant A:B Message testing.

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