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Enter in the circular visualization chart

Working with one of our larger clients, we have been asked to start thinking about the media mix for next their 2011 campaign. While this exercise would normally happen in September, or in some companies, January of next year, Goldenfire Productions was asked to start lining up the assets the campaign would need for a new media campaign launch for 2011.

Part of the project was to develop a plan that can be presented to senior management to acquire the needed funds.  We struggled for a bit to show how each tactic of the campaign would drive traffic and leads to the site as data trees and wireframes were to complex for a PowerPoint slide.

We settled on a circular visualization, showing how each campaign tactic drives traffic directly to the web site or other tactics which ultimately drives website traffic.

View the larger visualization

The chart can get more and more complex. This visualization technique is used to map cancer and the human genome, but can easily be used to map out connections in a campaign or even more. We are looking to use this visualization technique to map visitor behavior on websites, search traffic to campaign goals, even leads to sales.

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