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Tracking Social Media

Did you know there are 3 aspects to tracking social media as it pertains to your business? 3 doesn’t sound like a lot, but there are 2 types of metrics we need to track for each which gives us 6 metrics to track. Does that mean a social media report is 6 key facts? well, it’s not that easy.

The 3 measurable social media engagement aspects.

  • Activity – The metrics we are interested are in the number and frequency of actions one’s organization is taking on social media including but not limited to; blogging, tweeting, posting, promoting, etc. The focus is on the outbound share of information from the company.
  • Interaction – Here is where we listen to the audience. the metics here report on how the audience is engaged with your social media. Metrics include; followers, comments, sharing, user created content, sharing, etc.
  • Success metrics – measuring the buzz or amount of content out there doesn’t do much until you start to measure against the activities taken due to your social media efforts. Revenue creation, lead development, other finical metrics.

Now we have our three categories of metrics we are interested in. Our next step to get to six is to break these aspects into quantitative and qualitative measurements.

Activity – The things your social media campaign initiates / posts

  • Quantitative: Measurements of the number of posts, Update frequency, types of posts, etc.
  • Qualitative: Measure and review comments left on posts

Interactivity – Responses from the audience and audience created content

  • Quantitative: Reports here include: # of followers, # comments, # views, amount and frequency of user created content.
  • Qualitative: Here is where we track the “Buzz”, both positive and negative by reporting on customer sentiment, Content of posts and comments.

Success metrics – Here’s where we look for the rewards to our social media efforts.

  • Quantitative: Measure the number of leads, the number of sales, other metrics such as the reduction of support calls, etc.
  • Qualitative: Success stories, learnings, other activities that build a repeat customer.

Social media reporting is a necessary step in protecting one’s brand while maintaining a strong customer base that is happy about your products and services. If your social media plan is one way, just posting to the social media networks, you will quickly find that you may not be helping yourself as the community will start looking for you to listen. If you are not listening and responding, the community can switch from loyal customers to vocal negative reviewers who get their message in front of your potential customers before you had a chance to sway the sale.

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