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4 Reasons Paid SEM should be a part of your marketing campaign

Search engine marketing isn’t new but is one of the most cost effective way to find new visitors and customers to your site.  Below are 4 reasons why you should look at running a paid search campaign for your web site. The Web is User Driven Internet users are proactively seeking products and services on […]

Change what Google says about you

Ever Google yourself? How about someone else? Well now you can control what Google might say about you. As for the rest of the web, you will have to hope for good karma.  Starting today if you type “me” into the google search bar, you will find a link to create your own profile on […]

Regulations may be coming for paid social media advertising from the FTC

Last week the U.S. Food and Drug Administration wagged its finger at more than a dozen pharmaceutical companies over their use of paid search advertising. In one day, the agency sent an unheard-of 14 warning letters to pharmaceutical companies regarding their use of search ads on behalf of more than 40 drugs. The list of […]

Google AdSence performs new tricks with Twiiter

Advertising Age is reporting Google has teamed up with some advertisers to offer a stream of their “Tweets” onto Google’s content network. It appears that Google has designed special AdSense ad units that pull the five most recent Tweets from @turbotax (under a limited test) and displays them on publisher sites. Intuit, the maker of […]

AdSence Optimized Ad Serving may not be a great idea, unless you are Google

Check out your Google AdSence account and look for the following recommendation from Google.  The alert box reads: Increase traffic by showing your best ads most often Ad groups using the “Rotate Ad Serving” option shows ads roughly evenly. However, an ad group’s best ad typically performs about 15%-50% better than the ad group overall. […]

Email marketing and getting around images not loading by the email client

As an online marketer I sign up for a lot of email newsletters to keep an eye on what other marketers are doing. As you can image my spam folder get filled up, but not deleted as I occasionally will sort through the spam to find to email communications and campaigns that find their way […]

GE ecomagination flash Showcase

Ecomagination website: FLAR Toolkit:

Top publishers introducing larger ad units

Adweek reports that we will soon start seeing larger ad units appear on sites that belong to the Online Publishers Association. Site like the The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, ESPN and a dozen more will test the new ad units.  The three new sizes are: A fixed panel, 336-by-860-pixel banner that is wider […]

Pay Per Click Alternatives

Is google adwords not delivering enough traffic or conversions for you? It may be time for you to look to alternative pay per click text ad content networks to supplement your spend on google. 5 Alternatives to Google Adwords and Yahoo text ads. Marchex Adhere Marchecx is a newer player in the market place but […]

Ad Server is now running

We are proud to announce new service and offering to the list of services Goldenfire Productions has been offering it’s clients.  You can now have ads on your web site, and get paid for doing so.  You set the rates, your choose who can and can not advertise. There is no complicated referral schemes, just find spots in your […]