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How were your Q1 email rates?

  The first quarter of 2009 has ended and we are already moving strong into Q2, but have you looked back at your email campaigns? How were the Q1 email open rates? Unique clicks? Conversions? Have you looked at your metrics to see how your year has started? How you compare to last year?  If […]

Email marketing and getting around images not loading by the email client

As an online marketer I sign up for a lot of email newsletters to keep an eye on what other marketers are doing. As you can image my spam folder get filled up, but not deleted as I occasionally will sort through the spam to find to email communications and campaigns that find their way […]

How Email Opens Are Tracked and Reported

Recently as more and more email readers disable image downloading unless the user clicks to allow the images in your email message to be downloaded, open rates are under scrutiny again. The largest problem for email marketers and software developers of email applications is the lack of industry standards for email metrics.  How open rates […]

email Application Usage Statistics

When designing email marketing massages and newsletters you have a host of various platforms and applications in which your email will be viewed in. As a designer and programer you want to make sure each email client will render your email as you have planned it, or at least close as possible. One of the […]