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Enter in the circular visualization chart

Working with one of our larger clients, we have been asked to start thinking about the media mix for next their 2011 campaign. While this exercise would normally happen in September, or in some companies, January of next year, Goldenfire Productions was asked to start lining up the assets the campaign would need for a […]

Change what Google says about you

Ever Google yourself? How about someone else? Well now you can control what Google might say about you. As for the rest of the web, you will have to hope for good karma.  Starting today if you type “me” into the google search bar, you will find a link to create your own profile on […]

Tracking Twitter

As with any social media tracking your brand identity online is important. With the current flood of traffic on the social site twitter, people are mentioning aspects of their everyday lives and posting interactions with brands and places. A marketer with concern over how the public views their brand or if those that are using […]