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Tracking Social Media

Did you know there are 3 aspects to tracking social media as it pertains to your business? 3 doesn’t sound like a lot, but there are 2 types of metrics we need to track for each which gives us 6 metrics to track. Does that mean a social media report is 6 key facts? well, […]

Tracking Flash Events in Google Analytics

You want that all flash website, or looking to see how users progress through a flash application, but have been told time and time again that your analytics program can’t track flash. By itself your analytics package can not, but with some creative coding and careful planning, you can have full analytics from flash in […]

Tracking phone calls in your web analytics

One of the great challenges with any full rounded marketing campaign is how to track phone conversations. How about when customers call your phone number from visititing your website or online advertising? How do you adequitly track these conversations and user paths? Trackable phone numbers is the answer.  This normally requires an organization to purchase […]