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Google AdSence performs new tricks with Twiiter

Advertising Age is reporting Google has teamed up with some advertisers to offer a stream of their “Tweets” onto Google’s content network. It appears that Google has designed special AdSense ad units that pull the five most recent Tweets from @turbotax (under a limited test) and displays them on publisher sites. Intuit, the maker of […]

Twitter Games

With Twitter exceptional growth, 1,382% year-over-year growth in February 2009, has not only been for those looking to detail their days. A few ambitious folks have developed games for Twitter.  Twivia (@playtwivia) Twivia will ask a trivia question and the first person to @reply the answer gets points, specified in every Tweet. The answer is tweeted to […]

Will Facebook become the new Twitter?

In short, Yes. Twitter has gain popularity with it’s micoblogging system, but the same features that make twitter what is is today may be it’s downfall with the new features coming to Facebook. That is to say one shouldn’t give up hope on twitter, but one should keep a keen eye on Facebook. With the […]

Tracking Twitter

As with any social media tracking your brand identity online is important. With the current flood of traffic on the social site twitter, people are mentioning aspects of their everyday lives and posting interactions with brands and places. A marketer with concern over how the public views their brand or if those that are using […]