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Linking Guidelines

  Most recently I was reviewing a design concept along with a site wire frame and came up against one of the top mistakes made by companies and agencies trying to be different  on the web. Changing the link cue information.  Normally when you think of links on a web site, they consist of some […]

Website Usability Checklist

As we get busy in managing our websites, adding content, changing offers around, we sometime loose a grasp on if we are making the website as usable as possible. Usability is an important topic as it guides the user experience on any web site. As we develop and design sites we perform a usability check […]

Usability checklist for your website

Customers need to easily travel through your site and get to the content you want them to see. A few basic concepts should be employed by your site in order to make it useable for your users. Not all concepts fit for every site, but go through the following list to see how many usability […]